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About Grace Bible College…

The initial 52 lesson specialized Degree course can be completed at your own pace, in your own home or living accommodations.

The cost is minimal, $199.50 for the entire course.

College transcripts cost $15.00 and will be mailed to you or an institution of your choice. Learn more by reading below..

A Specialized Associate or Bachelors Degree?

Grace Bible College is an International Correspondence program designed to prepare students for discipleship and for introductory training in the ministry of the Gospel. This is a non-traditional College designed to reach those individuals led of the Lord to enter into a deeper relationship of discipleship who may not have the opportunity or finances to attend a traditional two or four year bible college. Grace Bible College & Seminary is Independent. Courses include ministering, teaching, evangelism, home bible studies, or simple discipleship.

Some students may finish the course rapidly depending upon the time and effort expended. Upon completion you will receive a College Degree in Bible Studies. If you choose to pursue a Specialized Associate Degree in Bible Studies- Courses include studies in Getting a Grip on the Basics, The Harmonic Gospels, How We Got The Bible, Ministerial Services, Studies in the Book of Acts, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Biblical Counseling Principles, and the Study of the Book of Revelation plus Minister’s Tax Class. Ordination through Grace Bible College will also be an option if you choose full time Ministry. Upon completion of each course certificates are awarded. Grace Bible College keeps all grades and transcripts for your reference upon graduation and for sending to advanced College studies programs.

You may start any day or month of the year. And completion is only dependent upon you. No pressure or time schedules to meet.
The courses require little personal time and will afford you an education and degree for teaching, preaching, and discipleship of the Gospel to others. Become the Minister, Teacher, Sunday School Worker, Disciple or Bible Study Leader you want to be. We want all our students to complete the program and will do everything we can to make sure you are happy and learn at the same time. Much of the information in this 52 week programmed lesson plan has taken a lifetime of work by its editors, pastors, and teachers during the past 50 years. Dr. Mears who compiled the materials has created a great program.

There are over 4,500.000 copies of our textbook in print. “What the Bible Is All About,” by Dr. Henrietta Mears. (Hardback cost is $15.99 or Paperback $10.99). Also required is “Halley’s Bible Commentary” (this book has outlines and descriptions of each book of the Bible.) Each course that you take requires it’s own textbook and certificates of completion are awarded upon successful completion of each course. As a student of the scriptures you are led through the Bible in 52 lessons, with careful instruction on how to understand each segment of the Bible program. It is simple, useful, and valuable not just now but for the remainder of your life, and is excellent preparation for the ministry. Records, Grades and Graduation certification are kept for your future reference needs by our registrar. You then receive your degree in Bible Studies.

If you choose to be Ordained the Ministers’ Service course and Minister’s Tax Class plus application for Ordination must be completed. Dr. Cyrus Nelson has said “One of the great tragedies is that while the Bible is the best-selling book year after year, it is not the most read and best understood.” Dr. Billy Graham has said, “This book “What the Bible Is All About,” will help make the reading and study of God’s Word interesting, challenging and useful.” We commend it to you.” Most of us don’t need another translation or revision of the Bible, instead we need commitment to the study and understanding of the one we have.”

Now An Affordable and Great Doctoral Program!

In Addition: If you have an additional family member register they get a 50% discount! Or in other words! 75% total cost for each of you!!!

We have pastors in the Baptist, Church of God, Assemblies of God, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Southern Baptists, A.M.E., and non denominational churches!

We are now granting students for entry into the doctoral program advanced standing. If you have any years in the ministry, any type of ministry, teachings, or music, you are eligible for a commensurate degree! And enrollment in the THD (doctorate program.) An Example 1 year ministry you get an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, or Master’s Degree and are able to enroll in the Doctorate Program.

Now students may pursue a graduate program designed to provide an in-depth study not only of the Bible and it’s Doctrines – but foundation principles of God, Man and the future.

This program is designed around Dr. Harold Wilmington’s doctoral work at Dallas Theological Seminary! He has published years of work in this 1000 page volume! The study is actually 8 books in one:

  • Bible handbook
  • Commentary
  • Topical Fact-Finder
  • Theological Manual
  • History Text
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia
  • Cross-Reference Guide
  • Archaeological update

In these pages you will discover:

  • 250 professionally prepared illustrations
  • The historical stages of Israel
  • All the parables of Jesus
  • All the miracles in the Bible
  • All the prophecies in the Bible
  • 613 Old Testament commands
  • 300 most important Bible characters
  • Chronological sequence of the Bible
  • Main doctrines of Christianity

This course of study is a detailed study and an 8 to 10 page statement of your ministry is required for graduation. If you have a ministry already established then a 2 page description is all that is required! For 3 full time years or more in the ministry any kind you will receive a Bachelor Degree in Bible Studies and there you may enroll in the THD program.

The cost of the program is a total of $950.00 including the textbook and mailing costs.

You may start with an initial payment of $150.00 and we ask then for $150.00 when you mail each exam! We have had students pay the entire fee up front and others who have waited until the end to pay the remainder! It is up to you!

Mail your completed application to:
Grace Bible College
10030 Green Level Church Road Suite 802 #1259
Cary, NC 27519

What People have to say about Grace Bible College

Thank You Brother Lawrence: “Picture this scene in your mind. Jesus is surrounded by a large crowd of pushing, shoving people who want to be close to Him. Of course, many people came in contact with Him as He walked the dusty streets of Capernaum. Suddenly, Jesus stops, turns, and asks, “Who touched my clothes? The disciples confused, “Lord” they reply, “there are hundred of people here, pushing and jostling us. Everyone touched you!” Jesus tells them, “One person touched me and the anointing went out of me.” Brother Lawrence I believe, you have touched the heart of God through your obedience, I attend a large Church here in Jax. Potterhouse Christian fellowship, God has really blessed this fellowship you may have read about us in Ministries today Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin who I thank God for, we even have a Bible School “Logos”. Nevertheless, our church does not accept credentials, outside of their local establishment. While I was set aside at this church waiting to obtain a license from the Potter’s House, wondering whether to renew my ordination with Grace, something would not let me terminate my License with Grace, the GOD…glory, to His Holy name, found me faithful by placing me into the ministry, Million ministries is the name of the ministry in which I shall be able to use my ordination from Grace, to operate in full time ministry, so you see brother Lawrence you touched me, and I know in my heart that you touched the master. God’s word cannot be bound nor His people, Thanks again and again. The grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with your spirit. I love you for all eternity with an AGAPE LOVE…
Ms Linda R. Tucker.

This book and course has truly This book and course have truly been a blessing and provided me deeper depths in the knowledge of God. I can hardly wait for you to return my book to study even more. Please quote me the exact price for more I would like to present several to Christian friends. It’s been a blessing!

Joyce Dixon

I plan on taking some more of your courses as well, and am possibly interested in continuing my studies even further. If you have any recommendations towards this end, I would appreciate them. This last course, especially the text “PsychoHeresy” has really opened my eyes. Thank You!

Please know that you are in my prayers, and I am anxiously (or better yet anticipating with joy!) receiving my degree!
It feels good to finally finish something in my life; and the fact that I have done it for Jesus and to come to know and understand Him, makes this so much more rewarding. Peace In

Love Shannon Payne.

Dear Pastor Cracium: I wanted to share some great news with you. Today, I received my Diploma in the mail, and today I had a meeting with my Pastor who asked me if I would accept the office of minister of music. I said yes! He made a copy of my diploma to go in his files. He also said he would be willing to call on me to preach if I felt led in that direction. Again I said yes! So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your school and your ministry and what it has meant to me and my family. After I finish my minister’s course, I plan to finish the Associate Degree and after that only God knows. Once again thank you!

God Bless!
Dennis W. Parrott

Dear Dr. Cracium: I want to thank you for the outstanding service that you are providing to believers around the world through Grace Bible College.  The 52 week course was extremely beneficial and provided a strong foundation for continued study of God’s Word.  The method necessitated time spent in every book of the Bible and even some seminaries don’t require that!

I have just complete the Minister’s Service Manual Course and it is one of the most practical courses I have ever taken.  The information provided in this course is something that every minister should have access to.  Thanks again for doing your part in training and raising up ministers.  God Bless You!

David  Wahls