Grace Bible College & Seminary

Curriculum Requirements

  • Specialized Associate Degree
  • Specialized Bachelor Degree
  • Specialized Masters Degree
  • Specialized Doctoral Degree
  • Optional Courses:


Specialized Associate Degree:  Course 052 “What the Bible is All About” credit hours 24.  Cost  plus textbook and mailing fees in addition the Minister Service Course 301 and Tax Class 309 are required or must be met with transfer experience for Ordination.  In Addition Halley’s Bible Commentary Course 102.


Specialized Bachelors Degree:  Course 052, Course 301, Course 309.  In Addition:  Course 100 “Getting a Grip on the Basics”, Course 101 “Acts of the Apostles”, Course 104 “Handbook on the Holy Spirit Baptism”, Course 105 “The Harmonic Gospels”, Course 201 “Biblical Counseling Principles”,Course 202 How We Got The Bible, Course 203 “The Essential Writings of Josephus,  Course 301 ”Minister’s Service Course”, Course 303 “The Ultimate Victory Studies in Revelation”, Course 309 “Ministerial Tax Class.”


Specialized Masters Degree:  Associate Degree or equivalent and the following courses: Course 204 “New Age Cults and Religions”, Course 310 “The Apostle-Paul”, Course 322 “The Prayer of Jabez”, Course 324 “Smith Wigglesworth”, Course 326 “Baptized in the Spirit”, Course 328 “And He Gave Pastors”, Course 330 “What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit”, Course 420 “Ministerial Ethics: A Guide for Spirit Filled Leaders”, Course 422 “Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective”, Course 424 “Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible”, Course 428 “The Pastor’s Best Friend”, Course 430 “Missions In The Age of the Spirit”, Course 432 “Our Destiny”.


Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling:  This is an integrated in-depth study of the Psychological Misuse of the Bible.  It includes Course “Biblical Counseling Principles, Course 500 “Person to Person Ministry,  Course 501 “House of Cards” Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth.  Course 502  “Psychology and the Church”,  Course 503  “Competed to Minister:  The Biblical Care of Souls”,  Course 504  “The End of Christian Psychology.


Specialized Doctoral Degree:  This is an integrated in-depth study of the Bible and its Doctrines.  One Textbook and a Doctoral Thesis study is required.  Student’s interested should write for a syllabus and costs.  A Specialized Bachelor’s degree is required prior to acceptance into this combined Doctoral Program which is a  Masters/Doctoral Program.


There are 12 Required Courses for the Specialized Bachelor’s Degree in Addition to the Specialized Associate Degree requirements. Textbooks are additional and vary with each course.  We pray this is an answer to our students continued needs in the ministry and hunger for more of God’s Word.  We will shortly be on the World Wide Web and have courses over the net!