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This is a commentary course which is the most prized and used guidebook to the Bible in the world today Halleys Bible Handbook is the textbook which costs $17.99 for the hardback. The text has been a continuous best-seller through the years and is heartily endorsed by Christian leaders and magazines everywhere. This text and course is a brief manual for the average Bible reader who has few or no commentaries or reference works on the Bible However, many Bible classes use it, and many accomplished Bible scholars, possessors of large libraries, have been most cordial in acknowledging its helpfulness. In the main this is a course of facts, Biblical and Historical including notes on the Bible, and Outline of Archaeological Discoveries. The text further includes a general view of the Bible, related Historical Data, and Epitome of Church History, and Notes on each of the Bible books.
Course included with course 052 at no cost to you!