How does Grace Bible College Work?

Statement of Faith:

“For by grace are you saved through faith; and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not of works, lest any man boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:8-10

Mission Statement:
Grace Bible College is designed so that the user will:

1- Gain an understanding of the whole Bible and walk in the light of God’s truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit and Scriptures.
2- Use this knowledge to help others.
3- Use this degree for teaching, preaching or discipleship of others.
4- To understand God’s Word for today is the most important reason for man’s existence and evangelism using God’s Word is his method.
5- To prepare ministers of the Gospel for work in today’s world.

Grace Bible College incorporates the textbook and the Bible to fill its basic requirements. Also required is Halley’s Bible Commentary which has outlines of each book of the Bible and color pictures enhancing study. These texts are available from Grace Bible College or from your local bookstore.

Support Services: to make the learning experience more effective. Submit questions concerning points you do not understand from your reading of the textbook and study guide or examinations in writing or receive prompt attention if you call directly.

Registrar: Records are maintained by our registrar and will be supplied to whatever organization you wish. Records will only be released with your written permission. No one has access to personal information from our registrar and no one will be placed on automatic mailing lists. Each transcript cost $10.00 to generate. As a graduate you may wish to receive a newsletter this is available to all Ordained students.

Course Evaluation: Grace Bible College carefully and regularly evaluates its courses for accuracy, clarity and effectiveness. Reports on study progress and examinations within the course are especially helpful. Your comments will help us make the course work even more beneficial for future students.

Lessons: The textbooks combine chapters of scripture into workable divisions of study. Carefully scrutinize each lesson. Read the material on a weekly basis, and then complete the open-book self examination for the material covered. This will prepare you to successfully complete the examinations at the end of each set of chapters. Begin with Week #1 Lesson #1. Each course is designed to be an open textbook course.

Examinations: Exams are graded on a scale as follows: 70-79% C, 80-89% B, 90-100% A. Each examination is added to a cumulative average for your Grade Point Average, GPA. You will receive your examinations returned and corrected for your future reference. Twelve examinations are mailed for the 52 week program to save mailing costs and to give the student additional working time on each exam.

A Specialized Associates Degree: Upon Completion of the course you have chosen you will be granted a college Associates Degree in Bible Studies from Grace Bible College. Grace College is Independent. This program is a comprehensive 52 week program. You may want to obtain a Specialized Associate Degree in Bible Studies and enter: ministry, teaching or evangelism. If you choose the advanced degree studies the following courses are required: What the Bible is All About, Getting a Grip on the Basics, Handbook on the Holy Spirit Baptism, The Harmonic Gospels, The Study of the Book of Acts, The Study of the Book of Revelations, Biblical Counseling principles, and the Ministers’ Services Course and Tax Class-including How We Got the Bible.

Each additional course in the advanced degree program has a mid-term and final examination. Upon completion of your degree (you may register for more than one course at a time) you will be granted your degree and ordination from Grace Bible College. Most colleges accept directly our course work for advanced standing.